16th December 2018

Hello my name is Jackie Peters and in June I walked 107miles to raise money towards the new Foodbank Store at Kings Church.

I manage the volunteers on a day to day basis and I enjoy walking. My daughter was intending to walk the whole of Offa’ Dyke and as I had never even been on any of it I wistfully said, “I would love to do a bit of that”!. That settled it, all planning done she set off three days before me to do the whole route 187 miles and I joined her at Hay-on-Wye on June 9th 2018.

We didn’t know it was to be the start of the heatwave coming to Britain!!

The walk goes backwards and forwards between England and Wales and up and down many,many times but includes some amazing and beautiful scenery.There was a dragon(made of discarded metal),a seat with a fantastic view taken to the top of a hill by a man’s friends,aqueducts ,canals, many bridges and some very steep hills and hot days. Some days we saw no one else and others we could chat with locals. We stayed in B&B’s so could have showers or soak weary bones in a bath. It was such a lovely time bonding with my daughter and having silly giggling times through tiredness,especially the day the heavy dew made our boots wet to the point of leaking and when I took off my socks my feet had turned blue/grey unlike my legs which got progressively browner.

A week later we reached Llangollen 107 miles later,well worth the effort I raised over £1000 and felt as fit as anything not bad for seventy two and a half. We drank a huge amount of tea to celebrate and in the morning my daughter continued to finish the walk and I made tracks for home. One of those experiences that will be hard to forget!!

Now where to next time?!

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